School 4 Spirit 
is the magical playground helping people go from AWAKENED to ACTIVATED in their intuitive abilities!
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This Module Starts:  January 3rd, 2019 - 6 weeks of Live classes
Current Module Enrolling:
The Power In Your Palms -

This course will dig into the complexities of Palmistry and introduce you into the skill of Psychometry (using your hands to psychically receive information from objects and others)

In this 6 week course you will also learn about different aspects of Ritual Magic including: 
  • What Makes Your Hand Unique
  • The 7 Archetypes of the Palms
  • The Map in Your Hand Part 1
  • The Map in Your Hand Part 2
  • Psychometry Basics
  • Psychometry Practice

The time of awakening is already here, and many are aware of the subtle cosmic influences in our lives getting stronger and more prevalent.  

You can feel the stardust in your DNA activating and tingling, but don't necessarily know what to do with all of these latent abilities.  Or your desire to explore and develop these abilities and gifts is intensifying...

You need a place where you can both develop them more through practice and play, plus learn how to apply these gifts to bring more abundance, love, success and prosperity into your day-to-day life.

Why School 4 Spirit?
Those who wish to control
Those who are power hungry
Those who wish to manipulate
Those who wish to trick others
Those who only wish to serve themselves
Who School 4 Spirit is not for:
Beginners Who Are Curious
Spiritual Seekers
Star Seeds and 
Earth Angels
Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows
The Open Minded and Heart-Centered
Mystics in Hiding (I see you over there)
The Service-to-Others Oriented

Who School 4 Spirit is for:
"We all need a place where we have full permission to explore our own magic." - Therese Tucker
Why Now?

The knowledge I share in School 4 Spirit is not new.  In fact, it's ancient wisdom.  Many lifetimes ago we used to openly practice it.  Then it got shoved in that psychic closet for a while, to resurface in the last few millennia.  


It's been philosophized, theologized, and criticized, but rarely practiced and even then, only by few...  


We are at the point in our Mass Consciousness where the theory is there but now it's time to put it into practice.  It's the time to make being "Woo-Woo" serious business.  We have a magnificent ability to effect positive change, but we need to learn how to harness our power first!

Welcome to School 4 Spirit!
Meet Therese


I didn't know how to talk about it without feeling judged for being delusional, crazy,  naive, or just fucking nuts.  My fear of losing love, respect, or friends kept me tight-lipped and frankly exhausted from trying to project myself as being "normal" all the time.  Any of this sounding familiar?


It wasn't until I went deep into my personal growth journey that I realized that all this effort to be just a regular person was keeping me stuck in a cycle of confusion about who I was and what on Earth I came here to do.


Once I came out of the psychic closet it was as if I could finally breathe!  


My purpose materialized and life really started making sense.  I remembered that at the age of 16 I knew what I was here to do, but I had stuffed that girl in the dark for so long that her voice was only muffles.  Now she's put her glasses on, her crystals in her bra and is ready to rock this life while showing others how to do the same!!


My goal is to provide you with the knowledge I have learned on my journey; to show you how I use it, and it give you a safe space to experiment, play and fully shine in all your mystical weirdness.    

Creating this School has been the journey of a lifetime for me.  I was a mystic in hiding most of my life.  As a child I remember talking to the faeries daily.  They had a little house in my grandmother's yard so, it was pretty easy.  I had several sets of tarot cards and was listening to lectures from A Course in Miracles before I was 16.  


Up until 3 years ago only the closest of friends knew that I could talk to Spirit.  I was secretly hired to do money rituals and cast healing spells.  On the side I would help draw out negative energies and take them on guided cosmic tours of the inner planes.  


No one knew how Woo-Woo I really was... 

How Does it Work?
The first lesson in "Protection & Preparation" is mandatory before any other module can be entered into. You can receive the first lesson FREE by clicking here

YOU pick and choose which modules you want to learn and just pay by the module!  OR if you want a significant saving, you can purchase  bundles or buy the remaining modules together!  How awesome is that?!?

Each module goes for either 4, 6 or 8 weeks and in them you will not only learn about the topic but get plenty of opportunities to play and practice so you actually develop these skills!

Each module also comes with it's own pages that build out your "Spell Book" over time.

You also gain access to a new community of people you can buddy up with to practice or make friends with like-minded magical unicorns like you!

How Much Does It Cost?
Pay as you go, for each module OR take advantage of Pre-Made Bundles or Build Your Own!

Single Module - $440
(payment plan available)
Pre-made Module Bundles 
(payment plan available)
Pay Remaining 3 Modules in Full = $717
(Saving over $2,465!!)
Payment Plan for Remaining 3 Modules = $244 x 3 
payments (Saving over $1,680)

[School 4 Spirit Full Value = $5,280]

For those who know they are going to want to do more than just one module, chose a pre-made module bundle or create your own bundle!

Payment plans are available  


Pre-Made Class Bundles

The Psychic Bundle:
  2 Module Bundle Includes:
  The Power in Your Palms; and Animal Communication. price: $888

Module 1 - [4 weeks]
Protection and Preparation:
Learn how to set energy boundaries, prepare a sacred space, & activate your intuitive energy centers

Module Summaries
Module 2 - [4 weeks]
Spirit Guides
Learn how to meet and know your guides and develop a "spirit language"

Module 3- [6 weeks]
The Clairs
Learn about the 4 most common psychic abilities and how to turn them on
Module 4 - [6 weeks]
The Magic of Crystals
Learn what crystals are must haves, how to make grids, use points for manifesting,
 + more
Module 6 -  [6 weeks]
Learn the basics to be able to read yourself or others, and how to find out what karmic path you are on
Module 5 - [6 weeks]
Pendulum Magic
Learn the pendulum basics, plus how to use them for dowsing and scrying
Module 7 - [6 weeks]
Learn the basics,3 classic Tarot spreads, and Therese's unique tarot method
Module 8 - [4 weeks]
Dream Work
Learn about dream interpretation, lucid dreaming, and how to intentionally dream
Module 9 - [4 weeks]
Ritual Magic
Learn how to clear energies, call in energy, perform rituals and invoke spirit with these tools
Module 10 - [6 weeks]
The Power in Your Palms
Learn palmistry basics and intro to psychometry 
Module 11 - [4 weeks]
Animal Communication
Learn about how to communicate directly with animals
Module 12 - [8 weeks]
Spells 101
Learn how to use all the tools from School 4 Spirit to create and cast spells.
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